Making sellers outrageously happy

Making sellers outrageously happy
Henry Pham

The 30-60 days you serve a client in a listing transaction are critical – then and for future business and those golden referrals … the lifeblood of your business.

“Give them a unique experience and they will remember your powerful brand – long after the transaction is closed.”

Most home listings will sell sooner or later, or eventually. So what else will they remember you for? What kind of experience should you aim to provide?

What exactly is an experience anyway?

We all have heard or used the terms customer experience or customer service. We are committed to delivering excellent service, or customer experience. But what is it exactly so that we know how to manage and measure it?

An experience is made up of a client’s feelings about every touch point they have with you and your service – a phone call to/from you, your messages, the listing presentation, the Q&A, the advice on pricing and staging, the open houses, the offer presentation, the negotiations, the repairs, the closings, and especially the zillions of updates throughout the entire process. The list is almost infinite – it’s every touch point! You get the idea.

At every touchpoint, a feeling occurs and an opinion is formed.

Pay attention to every detail when it comes to interacting with every seller, anticipating and delivering on their needs, which may be different from seller to seller.

Make a detailed list expanding on the above, and think about how you can do something better, and unique, about every touchpoint.

That’s what sellers will remember you for.



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