Get more website traffic and referrals – for free

Get more website traffic and referrals – for free
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Get more website traffic and referrals – for free.

You have invested serious time and money on your website to capture leads and build your brand. Why not let clients view their transactions on it too? It will increase engagement, boost your website traffic and get clients to talk about this unique experience with friends and family.

How does it work?

On your website, add a link to your AgentMemo URL ( anywhere and a brief explanation (“View your transactions in real-time”). Put this link on every page of the website to get maximum exposure for your new service. When clients and prospects click on it, they will be taken to your transaction management page and view all their projects with you.

How do I get a unique business ID?

You can get your business id for free from the web dashboard after signing in at If you haven’t done so, hurry over there and claim your unique ID – use your name or business name. From the General Info tab, scroll down to the Business ID field and enter it there.

Is my ID available?

What type of transactions?

You and your clients can collaborate on three types of transactions: Listings, Purchase Contracts, and Mortgage Applications. Each transaction type contains complete activities and statuses from the contract forms used by NAR/CAR and Fannie Mae, and much more. It’s easy to add and manage them. Our live chat and documentation are always available.

What can my clients do with this?

The Transaction Memo features let you and your team update various statuses, schedules, documents, offers, etc. and send instant notifications to clients via web or a mobile app (branded with your own info).
They can also post updates and comments throughout the transaction process.

Why should I offer it to my clients?

Only you know your clients best. If, however, your clients are like most users on the Internet today, chances are they constantly browse online and use their mobile phone to get info or stay connected with others. And chances are they have been on the websites of, or stay connected to, the competition (think Zillow, Redfin, banks).
Mega-tech companies are going after your clients with a vengeance. Defend your business and your clients with a better technology now. It’s easy and it’s free.

Want more referrals and traffic?